"letters of sweet nothings"

hello once more dear. 

i know these letter i address to you.
will be letters you shall never see.

however i still prefer to convey my strange thoughts.
i miss the sweet innocent love we once shared.
those moments so long ago, still bring me a string of hope.
a string of hope that shows me there might still be some decency, 
buried far below the moist soil of the earth.

why do we grow wiser as we age?
i would adore to go back to the time in my life where everything was so simple.
a time where i was blissfully unaware of the chaos that would soon consume me.

farewell for now my dear.
 it was a pleasure to whisper things you shall never know, 
into your ears once more.

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I freaking love your writingggg

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by sienna; ; Report

Tys' Corner of the Web

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this ones probably my fav ngl

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awwweeee thank u xx

by sienna; ; Report