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Motivation is a very fluid thing. Sometimes it is there but the majority of the time, it is not. I love feeling accomplished and "complete" but although the feeling is great, the craving for chocolate and sitting on the couch is always so much stronger. 

The certain thing that I am struggling with doing at the moment, is getting up and going for a walk. I love walking and listening to music. In the Fall and Winter I would go for long walks when no one else was outside and listen to Christmas music. Sometimes when I knew I was alone or when I was surrounded by trees, I would dance. 

I feel confident when I go on walks. I always have to feel pretty to go for a walk just in case I might run into a certain special someone. I love to make scenarios up in my mind, especially when it comes to love. <3 I have only had a couple of talking phases with others but I am in no rush. I will find my person when I find them. 

Anyways, motivation. Motivation is a funny thing. Sometimes you can grasp it, and sometimes you miss it or just simply let it go. It is just like self-control. Too difficult at times. I want to be better at not giving up before I even start. :) 

 Thank you for reading this blog! I look forward to meeting some more people on this website, everyone seems very cool! Tell me what you do when you experience lack of motivation.

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