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Been moved into my new place for a couple months now. Just been really struggling with C-PTSD since right before I moved and now heavy fatigue the last couple months. Still working on getting my sleep habits in check. Having a hard time going to sleep at an early enough time since that seems to be when I get all of my energy to do anything, and I'm just dragging myself the rest of the day before that. But I still have to get up early AF to take care of my 2yo.

I guess things are calm enough right now that I should really be focusing more on getting her on a proper routine than myself since we're both kind of just doing whatever during the day, and I feel bad for not having more for her to do other than watch TV, wreak havoc throughout the house, sometimes play on her tablet, and color. She gotten a relatively normalized nap and bedtime though. Though I'd prefer for her to go to bed earlier, but that isn't really possible with my work schedule.

Still need to eat better as well. Can't really do much about her right now since she won't eat half of anything other than applesauce, yogurt, pop tarts, and crackers unless she sees me eating something. Guess I should work on a weekly meal plan. I know that's a good majority of where my fatigue is coming from. I need to make myself something like a school lunch schedule where it's the same thing for each specific day of the week. Dinner isn't really an issue since my grandma brings me leftovers when I get off work, and she watches my daughter.

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Hang in there! Life is really challenging, to say the least. Glad you found me! You seem like a nice person.

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