Detox just to Retox; my heads in heaven, my souls in hell, let’s meet in the purgatory

Load up on drugs 

Make the pills work again 
Get enough amunion in the hand gun to load up 
Bullet canisters rolled up together In blood and crusting skies of the early night 
I don’t remeber i thing just the feeling liek everyone in your life drugged you then you end up in the middle of fuxking no where in the street at 3 in the morning 
I just want the pills to work, I want to keep my mechanical parts in tact to get out of here
Keep at the slit wrists the whore cuts and Yll end up dead in 2 years kid 
I guess the the gun to my head was easier 
Treat the gay kids  better and your kid won’t end up like a fuck up like me 

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