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About me ^_^

Hihiii!! I’m gonna do this in the same style as like.. the OC layouts i’d make on tumblr n quotev when I was like ten LMAO

Name; Sid/Sidney

Pronouns; I’m cool with any! I don’t rlly identify with one specific gender , very confusing to me!

Sexuality; idk why it’d matter, but I’m bi!

Country; Scotland!

Race; My mums white n my dads white+asian  but I mostly consider myself white IG

Age; Fifteen

Extra; I smoke (cigs&grass lol) n drink, which idk kinda embarrassing LMAO but ik some people don’t like that so I thought I’d put it out there so I don’t make anybody uncomfortable I guess?? ;_; 
Umm I like cooking&baking, I’m decent at it! I plan on moving to Edinburgh when I’m 17 or 18 (depending on whenever I have enough to move out tbh). If any cool people on here r from Scotland I’d happily hang if I got to know you tbh! Idk what I’d consider myself (emo, scene, y2k, etc) because I never rlly dress in one specific style all the time. 

Socials: my IG is sideatworld, I don’t post much tho!

That’s all I can think of LMAO but ya cool [thumbs up]

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