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About To Die From Boredom

  We have a free day in health class and I let Josh use my headphones, so I can’t draw and listen to my jams. I’m going to write about…Uh…Coolness! 
   I always comment on how cool I am, but am I? I think Link is cool, but some people might think otherwise. A lot of people in my school think a lot of assholes are cool, but I don’t. I think they suck. It’s my opinion. 
   Everyone has their own opinion on who is cool. What does cool mean though? I think being cool has to do with having a good personality, good music taste, nice, funny, etc. But some people may think that being cool has to do with uh…Being ugly? I don’t know. Again with the opinions…
   Everyone has their own definition of cool! I have figured it out!

showing no friendliness toward a person or enthusiasm for an idea or project.” 

   So many people probably figured that out way sooner. I don’t know why I even did this. I’m just bored. Don’t judge! <3 :)

I’m TOTALLY cool.

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