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The '00s: A Testament on the Glory of the Tracksuit

In the Year of our Lord 2004/2005-ish, I had a tracksuit.

It was kelly green, AND I had personalized matching Nike Shox that showcased all of my high school’s colors (which included the aforementioned kelly green, but also black and white).

Was it somewhat extra and a little (a little) ridiculous looking? YES. Was it magnificently comfortable? YES. I understood immediately why Paris Hilton purchased like 100 of them, all in differing shades of the rainbow, with the prominent one being pink.

Flash forward to the Year of our Lord 2021:

Last week was Spirit Week. (Side Note: I'm an English Teacher at a friendly neighborhood American high school.)

Each day was somewhat generic, but Thursday just so happened to be somewhat interesting. That was Decades Day, where each grade is assigned to dress up in accordance with a specific decade. When they split up the student body like this, I always default to the majority of my classes. This means that since I'm teaching the majority of Seniors this year, I'll dress up with what they're assigned in an act of solidarity. The Freshmen were assigned the '70s, the Sophomores got the '80s, and the Juniors?! You guessed it, they got the '90s, which means that the Seniors got the '00s. I initially wanted go in the emo/scene queen route, but since we didn't have a Pajama Day this year, I had a glorious epiphany as to what would be the next best thing to wearing pjs to school:


Here’s a selfie of me in my ‘fit, including another ‘00s fashion staple:


As you can imagine, wearing it was a highly comfortable experience.

Plus, it was efficient for running down students who are trying to skip class/about to throw hands over the last Super Donut. I can assure you that I'll be wearing this again, for this is an 00s fashion trend that SHOULD make a comeback. I'm literally wearing it again today, as in right now.

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haha i love this! that von dutch cap would sell for some big bucks these days given that it's hugely popular (again!) but pls do hold on to those 00s because the sentiments it holds are valuable

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Exactly! I still have a treasure trove of things from the 00s, some have held on better than others, but I always knew certain things would come back en vogue (like the tracksuit, lol!).

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Shadow Bliss

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by blairVVitch; ; Report

Byron Pandamonium

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Goddamnit! I cannot bask in your glory (can't see the pictures!)

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by blairVVitch; ; Report

Think it could be where I'm hosting the image? Or what?

by blairVVitch; ; Report

It's imgbb, and you're not the only one.

by Byron Pandamonium; ; Report


Well, I'll comment again once I find a new image host and edit this thing. Thanks for the heads up though, you're the real MVP, Mr. VP! LOL!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

LOL, I can only do my best.

by Byron Pandamonium; ; Report