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I'm Andreas, 20yrs old, turning 21 in July! 
I go by he/him, and I'm abrosexual!

I'm in the process of dropping out of university, where I was studying computer engineering to go for an apprenticeship in ICT. I really don't want to work at the support part of a business, but I'm just way too tired of studying!

I spend most of day either listening to music or playing games. I'm a fan of a bunch of different genres in music, to name a few: Folk, Punk, Alternative Rock, Dark Folk, Metal.
And my interest in games is all over the place, whatever the game is I'm probably down to try it!

Hoping some people find me interesting enough to friend me on here, and maybe chat! I love meeting new people! (Preferably if you're 16 and up!) 

Feel free to tell me about you in a comment or in a message!

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