What Do You Consider Love?

Have you ever asked yourself what the true essence of love is? Love goes as deep as family not just relationships you encounter. We never really think about where our trauma in life comes from until you think about the pain one has caused you. It always stems from I believe the word love. Happiness is the ultimate route out in life. Time is short and it waits on nobody. What is it that makes you truly happy because thats where the most love will grow. It can be a series of things or just one thing in particular. 

Ive always wanted to start blogging but never knew how to start but just based on the prompt I wrote I believe I can begin to write stories again or even open discussions. I just wanted to try something that could ultimately turn into a focus and meditational corner for me. Ive always loved to write but lost focus just due to life. But ok I’m off here for now. Hope you guys enjoyed=)


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