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update on my lIFE :))

sorry i was very inactive.. anyways my crush confessed to me and said he likes me and BRO IT WASNT EVEN A WHOLE WEEK THAT HE LIED TO OUR FRIEND SAYING I WAS USING HIM AND CONTROLLING HIS LIFE (ex. cutting off his friends and stop making friends) WHEN I NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO HIM. B4 I KNEW THAT HAPPENED. I ALREADY UNFRIENDED HIM TO SEE IF HE CARES BUT HE DIDNT ADD ME BACK. AND THEN OUR FRIEND TOLD ME that he has a new girl and he didnt even bother to make a closure between the two of us as if he didnt love me. he was matching pfps with his girl now when i never experienced that with him.. our friend made a gc and i explained mszelf but he didnt reply. its ok i blocked and unfriend him idc anymore hes a fuckong liar

anyways how is everybody?

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