bro how do u put pics on ur page im so bad at this

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Joe Valdez

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I love both of your pages! I just saw this. Im trying to learn also. feel free to message me Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/joe.valdez.737 I'd like to move to this site full time eventually thank you!

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i'm not sure how to reply but i hope u see this, i code the base code from this link and just changed the colors around https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=1254

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πŸ₯€ π”π”žπ”‘π”’π”©π”Άπ”« πŸ₯€

πŸ₯€ π”π”žπ”‘π”’π”©π”Άπ”« πŸ₯€'s profile picture

img src="INSERT URL HERE"/

that's the code just enclose it with pointy brackets and you're good. reason i left them out is because the code keeps disappearing when i comment lol. so the code just reads "image source" and works best if u find a picture online and then right click "open image in a new tab" and use that url.


can i ask u something too? how did u change the wording of the contacts & interests headers and all the subcategories (movies/music/etc)?

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