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Finding back Pokémons of somebody I used to know

Its so weird… going back on my Pokémon HOME, and seeing Pokémons I held back for [___].

He was supposed to get them back at some point. But he ended up ghosting me and ignoring my messages, effectively ending our friendship. He hasn’t tried to connect back with me despite my efforts in 2019. I know he’s still alive, I saw someone retweet his posts he made from an alternative account. Lol. So it kinda hurts.

They were his pokémons. A shiny Zubat, an Alolan Meowth, an Umbreon, a Litten, a Pyukumuku and a Mimikyu.
[ His Pokémons ]

I think he had me hold on to them in 2017-2018 or so, he wanted to reset his game, but didn’t want to lose these guys. So I held on to them. He never asked back for them. So they’ve been sitting in my boxes for years. Somehow, unlike a Shiny Rowlet I hatched for another person I painfully lost touch with, I never gave them away to someone else / released them.

Maybe it was my subconscious, who thought maybe I’d be able to give them back to him someday.

But seeing as he doesn’t give a fuck, I decided I wouldn’t either. So I’m making them mine.

I honestly am thinking of releasing them. All except Litten and Zubat. Litten is my sister’s favorite Pokémon. She loves Incineroar. So I would do it justice and evolve it and make it a strong warrior that [___] never allowed it to be, by forcing it to remain unevolved.

Zubat, even if it wasn’t shiny, I would’ve considered keeping. I’m pretty closely bonded with Zubats and their evos. I have a bunch of shiny Crobats. I don’t need one more. But I kind of want to give it the friendship it deserves. They evolve through friendship after all.

In the grand scheme of things, they are bits and bytes, datas of code in a game. But they mean a lot more to me. They meant a past I held onto, despite it wanting nothing to do with me anymore for no reasons besides the fact said person was selfish and will ignore people they simply do not want to be friends with anymore.
Releasing a few means letting go of this past, keeping a few and evolving them means growing stronger from this and moving forwards.

At least, thats the rational thinking i’m applying to this.

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