A quick story! {Fantasy themed} Part 1

As I walked through the meadows a little kangaroo rat appeared in the grass, quickly running towards me making a little parting in the long grass behind it as it ran. I bent down with my basket and they hopped in, squeaking towards me while hopping in it, swaying the basket a bit. 

“Hey! Hello little guy! How are you?” 

It would squeak more frequently, seemingly scared. 

“Oh, are you hurt? Did you get lost?” 

It would stop jumping and nod quickly at the mention of being lost. 

“Oh! You must have come from Kantara, the little floating village near the RavenClaw’s tree village?” 

It would nod, wiping its face with its paws for a second. 

I looked around, trying to see where the RavenClaw’s tree path is, but all I could see was the long grass and lush trees. 

Then something moved out of the corner of my eye, like a shadow. I froze, looking down at my basket at the little kangaroo rat, it seemed scared but not from whatever I may have seen. Shrugging it off it remembered where the path was, still cautious of the shadow I saw, I set off quickly towards the trees.

…To Be Continued…

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