one of my first online user name was inspired by my gr00mer (TW: pedophilia)

so basically when I was 11 I got my first discord account (Yay) I still use this account I just have a different screen name due to obvious reasons.  

How the story starts was basically I joined this server, that I will name due to the fact it was deleted after people noticing it was rampant with groomers, this server being "Anime World".  I didn't really talk  there much but I got strange people in my dms. one of those people being my groomer with the screen name of ArekuSenpai, later to change into his current screen name I am You. Our talks started out repetitively normal, when he asked my age I told him I was 13, I lied but he still knew I was a minor. he told me he was 29. The messages kept being tame, talking about anime and stuff like that til he asked what my body looked like, I told him and he asked for a picture of my legs and then replied with sexy. I started to feel uncomfortable but saw it as no big of deal due to the fact I was 11, barely out of elementary school. we kept talking and he was still creepy, going on to try to explain to me what a "boner" was and also other things I dont feel comfortable saying. Our Conversations ended with him ghosting me, he had became bored due to the fact I had no understanding of the disgusting things he conversated with me about. he wasn't the last man to groom me on that account. now you might be wondering how does that have anything to do with your old screen name, well when I told him what my body looked like and my age, he called me a "Loli", leading to my second ever screen name "your average loli", I have changed it since due to the fact thinking of him makes me nauseous. But always be careful of who you talk to online even though I know most peoples parents tell you this when you're young, but it's not just a simple warning, I didn't listen, and I'm lucky that was all that happened. 

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really awful that it happened to you, and even though they didnt get far its still terrible that they even tried to do it

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I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm always here for u no matter wht

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