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Every now and then I find myself creating a profile or building a site, and ultimately it is a reaching out. In "Real Life" I have a pretty good group of friends, but I'm still seeking something.

SpaceHey reminds us all of MySpace from back in the day. I remember browsing friends' profiles just to kind of distantly check in with them. At one point I was playing in a band, and I remember MySpace being used to find other bands to put together shows with. This was pretty magical and I have some good memories there. MySpace is gone, and sure, everything is different now, but there is no reason I couldn't be playing out in a band and making some memories with that if I wanted to. I'm on SpaceHey for a couple reasons. One is just the nostalgia of it, the fun of customizing your profile and everything. The other is that I like to imagine I might get some "Real Life" friends to check in and try it out. I doubt they would, though... I don't know why.

I'm also on Mastodon, the distributed Twitter-like app that uses ActivityPub. In fact, I now have it set up where any time I post on one (Twitter or Mastodon), it cross-posts to the other automatically. I follow some folks on Mastodon and find it entertaining enough. I have some "Real Life" friends that sometimes get angry about how Twitter operates, or they don't like that Elon Musk has bought it or whatever. I let them know how they can follow me on Mastodon, and I like the idea of using services that aren't centralized and all that. How many of my "Real Life" friends have joined Mastodon? Zero. 

I dunno, it's like in the early internet we all were discovering and learning and making due, but now people are old and lazy, content to just use whatever huge, easy thing is out there, with their standard issue profiles like everyone else, while complaining that someone should change it, never bothering to try an alternative themselves. Man, change starts with yourself.

Anyways, this is me complaining! I hope everybody keeps making their own wacky profiles and personal Home Pages on Neocities, and all of the rest. Fight the homogenization of the web, and keep it crazy!

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