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how is everyone doing? i hope ur all doing well!! im really happy bc school is about to finish for me, and for a whole week im going to work in my local theatre club for a performance!!! also

right after the end of june, im going to a trip to Ireland!! im really excited for this, ive been waiting for like a year. ive also reconnected with two old friends from middle school, they were the only classmates i liked lmao. im also going to change school, because my parents want me to have friends and in the school i am at the moment i didnt make many. im going to do a lot of things this year
the only thing is that i have to finish my stupid ass latin homeworks. i hate latin soooooo much.

but, all is good. really good. not always, obvliously, but things like these are the reason with its worth living.Ā 

if u want, tell me about ur day, i want to see if the comments work

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good luck for the performance!! :]

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