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I got an amazon gift card from somebody not too long ago and i spent the majority of it already on kandi supplies right ?? and that’s great ^^ But . the issue comes in when . i only have enough money left for generally one more item . and . i’m new to dressing scene for myself but i know the fashion so i don’t have much scene clothing for myself yet ;-; SO . Should i get . A black studded belt or stripes arm warmers ??? I have tons of belts but they’re pretty boring but i have no arm warmers or gloves . But i generally wear long sleeves anyway ;-; I need help deciding .  

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i say stripe arm warmers, you can probably find a studded belt in regular stores easier than you could find the arm warmers

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I found my studded belts >:) But i’m getting closer to buying arm warmers >:) What colours is the real question :’)

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i would pick colors that match a lot of the clothes you have. so if you have a lot of black and pink then go with black and pink warmers etc. of course, you can never go wrong with a standard white and black or black and red set too

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My hair is purple n green so i might go with black/purple or green/black but . I might jus get a selection like a pack of em n switch em up . Ome arm green other one purple n stuff like dat :3

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ooooo i like that idea! also purple and green hair sounds awesome!!

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