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dyed my hair again :)

i decided to cut my hair and dye it black bc i’m in quarantine and i was super bored. i got inspo from frank iero in 2004 because gender envy

i promise i’ll upload a photo when i figure out how <3


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I really wanna dye my hair but sadly dont have any atm

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bug <33

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i hope it came out good and i hope ur doing well

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🎭 Rudra

🎭 Rudra's profile picture

Yo that’s awesome! Glad you’re doing what makes you happy, hope it turned out great! 💖

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Hey that's super awesome hope it turned out good :3

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wnedyl's profile picture

YISSS id luv 2 see itz!!!! plz tell mez how u upload pix when uz find outz!

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RAD!! :3

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Thats nice, i want to change my hairstyle too, but i dont know if my mom would let me T.T,

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desearía hacer lo mismo:( hasta ahora sólo lo corté y m quedó realmente mal.

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TBH dyeing hair is one of the best things to do

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MCR is my favorite

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lol dude i cut and dyed my hair based of party poison inspo cause of gender envy, that's kinda funny/ironic

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Ms. LC Webs

Ms. LC Webs's profile picture

Did you get this figured out? I can help if you still need to figure out posting pics.

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sameezzz D:

by wnedyl; ; Report


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I believe if u upload the image to a host (like imgur) and paste the link, it'll pop up as an image ^^ ive nvr done it b4 n pls correct me if wrong!!!

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omg tysm!! i'm pretty sure that's how u do it

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