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Your Soul Will Never Be Released

Well shit, it's been a minute since I've updated this, got a bit to catch up on, huh? I've been fairly busy the last few months, seeming like there wasn't a moment I wasn't up to something. Like, holy fuck, I got to finally get my mom to see Sullivan King? And we met him afterwards? That's fucking insane! (Ignore my face, bad makeup choices lmao).

I mean, we went from Sullivan King in Rochester with the og crew back together for the first time since covid, to Sullivan King in Buffalo with the Brenda the very next night, already having two more shows booked out in the coming months. Rezz happened in March, and that's when it felt like everything was back to normal, just forgetting the drama and enjoying ourselves, only to follow that up with fucking Kayzo dropping the most insane set imaginable a month later.

I mean, he dropped Misery Business, who wouldn't get hype as fuck?

Just look at this. Fuckin Lazers n Shit.

And we fuckin met Kayzo too! Gave him a bunch of googly eyes too. Maybe had one too many shots that night...all around, things have been good. And with the state of the world, remember to focus on the good instead of the bad, it'll help.

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