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9/27/21 update on life n shiz + rambles

hihi ! ^_^ soz i suddenly disappeared, ive kinda disappeared from all websites as of recently as my mental health has been in the gutter so ive been super stressed :/. but i didnt log on here to tell you about my mental problems, i just want to do a quick update on my life and ramble a bit x0

soo i saw korn about a week ago and they were SOO GOOD, they were literally one of the best concerts ive been to! it was gen so much fun and everyone there looked so cool :0 i saw alot of people wearing tripp pants which i think is pretty sick. unfortunately i dont look that cool tho. sad. umm im gonna cut my hair soon and try to get a new hair style and then hopefully dye it.. idk what color tho? im thinking maybe green or.. red.. or blue? most bets are on blue rn but idk what shade lol. i decided im gonna be a clown for halloween (whoop whoop) but idk how to do any makeup at all like- ANY makeup at all so idrk how im gonna do the clown makeup?? but ill work to it somehoww.. im not gonna be a scary clown or anything tho i just wanna put on clown makeup and my normal clothes. my nephew is also gonna be here for halloween along with my 2 nieces that are gonna be here in like 7 days D: im terrible with children and being around people for multiple days as well soo wish me luck! ....also i really need to get a job soon but ill worry about that l8r ??..

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