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feeling regret

school basically ends at the end of the month for me. what a waste of the year I just spent it sad and miserable; always complaining how I never had any friends and I still have 0 friends. its my fault tho if I really tried I wouldn't be so alone but im too negative to have friends ; last year of school is next year I just feel like my high school experience was pure shit im never going to be happy like this and now all I can ever look forward to is doing drugs or getting high when I get the chance ; even hobbies cant distract me from the emptiness I feel all the time nobody talks to me and everywhere I go I feel like a lonely piece of shit 

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Hey i had a very shitty hs experience too (no friends, ate behind vending machines) and i had way more fun once i got out and even met my current best friends (who just got married). Focusing on getting educated in hs is way more important than socializing, and most of the popular kids in school end up losers anyways and everyone scatters to different parts of the country. Join a club or a group or even get a part time job/volunteer. You'll start to meet new people and get different perspectives. Hope this helps.

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