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Deleting Facebook permanently, I encourage you to do the same.

I have made this initially as a bulletin but they are only 10 days in length before being removed, so reposting here for posterity.

Original bulletin:

Facebook, Inc is a garbage creepy company. I do not like their business practices at all. That's not even counting the cesspool of a user base they're cultivating on the platform.

Because of those reasons I have decided after over a decade on Facebook with ~1500 friends. I am deleting it permanently come February 1st in favor of SpaceHey becoming my new non-business social network.

I encourage you all to make a post on your feed directing your friends and family to sign up to SpaceHey and friend you here too, then delete your account after a grace period.

Lets make Facebook as scared of SpaceHey as MySpace was at the rise of Facebook.

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Joel Emiliano

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I really want to do it, but I can't because of things, but it is just useful to me for communicating with my grandparents xD

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Noscrubsone's profile picture

I deleted Facebook

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xXx_Myst3ryc0re_xXx's profile picture

i only had facebook cuz of messenger and to see the anti vaxx side of facebook lool

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l0st_silv3r's profile picture

i rlly only use facebook to make those shitty facebook text edit memes and i also like infiltrating anti vax groups and trolling there

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ardaskidd's profile picture

Honestly man I dont really use facebook much anymore, I mainly use it for just keeping in touch with family and using messenger.
And yes, Facebook is a toxic mess. I can understand deleting facebook and respect your desicion.

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DarkMiryam's profile picture

Thanks a lot for posting this. I would love to leave Facebook but, unfortunately, many friends of mine are over there.
I left MySpace 'cause all my friend were progressively migrating to Facebook. I will always regret that moment.
The problem is that Facebook became a place where you can find only acid comments, conspiracies, politics and all that kind of stuff.
Before Christmas I posted the photo of my vegan + gluten free panettone: I have several intolerances and allergies so I can't eat anything with lactose, gluten, brewer's yeast and much more. So, as long as after 3 years I finally found something to eat for Christmas day (and we were also during another quarantine) I decided to celebrate that moment on my wall.
You can imagine what's happened. When people read "VEGAN" they immediately become mad. I had to erase that post. This is what Facebook became. It makes me feel sick!

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zucka's profile picture

What about Whatsapp and Instagram though? They're still owned by Facebook, it'd be the same as supporting the company just by a different app :P

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Nac Channel Barça

Nac Channel Barça's profile picture

Concuerdo. Tengo contactos y alguna página que otra con las que tengo una cierta actividad por mis canales de Youtube. Por lo demás, nada. Alguna vez muy esporádica entro y le echo un vistazo al temario de facebook, pero no veo nada que me atraiga. Facebook ha perdido mucho, y más desde que está en este plan dictatorial en el que está desde hace ya algunos años. A mí me han bloqueado varias veces, y cada cual es más injusta que la anterior. Quisiera eliminar la cuenta que me queda de las tres que llegué a tener, pero me retiene eso, que tewngo mis páginas, que por cierto, tampoco es que me apoye nadie. Y porque tengo familia de mi país, en el otro lado del mundo. pero cada dia me planteo más dejar facebook definitivamente y centrarme en esta red social, en MeWe, en Twitter, en Tik Tok... Incluso Instagram me parece un poco mejor, aunque sea propiedad de Facebook, pero no porque lo crearan ellos, sino porque lo compraron para eliminar competencia. puto caralibro de mierda!!!

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Palmfridur Hanna Gudsdottir

Palmfridur Hanna Gudsdott...'s profile picture

Yesterday, a week after another month-long Facebook jail sentence occurred, I permanently deleted my Facebook account and removed the app to it and Messenger / instant messaging. It will take effect in a month, in case I change my mind.

I had been on Facebook, for over 11 years, since late February 2010 or possibly before.

Occasionally, I would be reprimanded for sending out "too many" friend requests or posting "too much". I shared many things on there! It was like a full-time job!

But the level of harassment / persecution drastically increased last June (2020). I guess that its new Community Standards had been put in place not long before. Suddenly, my account was restricted several times in a week! I was banned for 1 day, then 3, then a week, then a month, then another month, then another....

I am largely apolitical but I am frank, direct, plainspoken, not politically correct. Apparently, Facebook hates that.

I also hate lying, especially when it comes from a business / "professional" and targets me. Facebook has lied about opinions being "hate speech".

The reasons for banning me have been so asinine, utterly nonsensical / ridiculous!

1 ban was because I literally commented that women are shooting themselves in the foot for rejecting men on dating sites who like cats! I guess that either Facebook is 100% against guns, even in a facetious, non-literal context, or it interpreted my comment as misogynistic, or both.

Another ban was after I commented that religious extremists should go back to their backwards countries, reacting to them hanging or throwing people off of buildings.

I cannot recall the other exact reasons but they were similar.

This final ban was in reaction to a post by Nick Beres - News Channel 5, an interesting journalist, about an attempted rapist approaching a woman's car and how she drove off before he could attack. I suggested that she / someone in that situation should run over such scum. Apparently, Facebook believes that such scum should be able to roam free and not get whatever consequences, karma, etc., is due to him (or her). We should instead sing "Kumbayah" and be welcoming to such dangerous animals!

I should have unplugged from Facebook earlier, as I knew that more bans were inevitable. But I am slow at getting around to things and change / leaving friends is hard after more than a decade.

It astounds me that some people avoid Facebook jail. They must not post much or have much of anything meaningful to express. Or maybe they stick to posting pictures of grandkids and recipes!

It also astounds me that people take such an apathetic, "Oh, well", shoulder-shrug, "Whatever" approach. More people should be up in arms over this, publicly protesting. I am not into activism, marches, etc. But more people need to stand up to Facebook and other politically correct entities where free speech is banned. If it is not unconstitutional, then it is as good as / equivalent.

I could understand bans for actual harassment, threats, violence, etc., that sort of thing. But that is not what is transpiring. There is no common sense being applied! Truth must be rightly divided!

Apparently, the Facebook minders have not read the Holy Bible, which is filled with real-life accounts, including lots of violence! They would ban it, if they could!

If Facebook is against all violence, then it needs to delete much music. A few songs that come to mind: "Before He Cheats", Carrie Underwood (which I do find abusive / alarming!
Think of a guy singing it about a woman!); "Goodbye Earl", Dixie Chicks; "Independence Day", Martina McBride / Gretchen Peters (the CMT Crossroads duet with Pat Benatar was cool!); "Kerosene", Miranda Lambert; numerous murder ballads, often in the bluegrass genre.

Facebook is like an abusive, gaslighting, sociopathic partner / spouse, accusing me / others of infractions when it is the actual culprit / perpetrator and separating individuals from family & friends.

I have already deleted most of my pictures and posts from Facebook. I had a few more posts that I wanted to save but I did not because I just wanted to unplug from Facebook and get it over with.

There is an option to download my information. I clicked a button but I do not know if it worked.

When I deleted the app on the Google Play store, I read some of the reviews and they were not happy, glowing ones! There were many 1 and 2 stars out of 5. I gave a 1 star, which is the least allowable / possible and my own review.

Many people complained about the advertisements but I have not noticed them, oddly. I must be good at tuning out some things!

I already deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts recently, due to their similar policies on muzzling free speech. I rarely used them, anyway.

I have kept MeWe and SpaceHey, for social media.

I saw a couple mentions in the review section for "Minds", a supposed alternative to Facebook, which I am not familiar with. I have also seen "Gab" noted. After reading about them on Wikipedia, I think that I will pass. They look like Parler, which I briefly had, forums for conspiracy theorists, lunatics, etc. I am not into those messes.

I do not have much time for social media, anyway.

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Night Claw

Night Claw's profile picture

I got rid of Facebook years ago their real name policy is fucking creepy, MySpace was the best

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Mai Gokiburi

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If it wasn't for my musical ventures and being 18000 kms away from my family and closest friends, I would have left facebook already.
Definitely will as soon as my situation allows me to, spacehey is way better.

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KarasuTengu's profile picture

Facebook has gone bad, to put it mildly. As for SpaceHey, I've been here for a little over an hour, but I already realized that this is the best social network for today.

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Danielle's profile picture

I just said the exact same thing on my bulletin. Facebook has absolutely changed for the WORST. Add me!

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✧・Vivi cosplay✧・

✧・Vivi cosplay✧・'s profile picture

I honestly agree with you, over the years facebook has become a really shitty place.I've seen how people there get so easily offended by anything and end up banning people for stupid things. I don't even post in FB anymore and yet I still receive creepy messages from unknown people.

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Mia's profile picture

I feel this. Only reason I may keep facebook but I've restricted privacy down to basically no interaction can be done with profile. I mainly only use it to manage my FB pages regarding my photography buisness, adult entertianment buisness, and the few band pages I help manage.

Though I may suggest the band pages make one here.

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by Scream Plastic; ; Report

Kayla 0_o

Kayla 0_o's profile picture

Yeahh delete that bih xD

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✨Megan Moon

✨Megan Moon 🌙's profile picture

I just joined yesterday and this place is a breath of fresh air. I haven't been active on my FB page for years. I post memes every now and then, but that's it. Now, the only thing would be that I need to get all my photos off of there. It's just my album now for pictures. That will be a pain in the ass.

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CareemaCatastrophic's profile picture

I just discovered this, and I'm heavily ready to leave facebook. I'm sick of the pathetic bans and not being able to post certain things on MY page. It's ridiculous and I'm glad I found this website.

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Tisch22's profile picture

The amount of times i've been post blocked because they don't appreciate a good meme or joke is outstanding. I agree with you for the most part!

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Cardoso's profile picture

Totally agree with you, fuck facebook tbh

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