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Comforting Someone

Pink Bobblehead Bunny Hi Hi! Welcome to another blog post! This is for people who struggle with comforting people! I hope this can help you! I can't say this will work for every situation, but I hope this helps anyways!

1. Draw their emotions out

Wait for them to be ready to tell you how they feel and what they're thinking some people prefer to be alone and others will tell you immediately. Just try to wait to 

2. Listen to them

Some people just want to be heard instead of being given advice. Make sure to wait patiently while they tell you what's been bothering them, try to not interrupt them until they're finished.

3. Let them release their emotions

Sometimes people just need to cry, so let them cry if they need to. I know it can be awkward, but do your best to attempt to be there for them.

4. Express support

Reassure them and try to give positive statements like "I will always listen to you", "I'm always here for you", "I know it's not okay right now, but I promise it's going to get better"

5. Remember to ask and respect boundaries

It depends on the person but some people may or may not be comfortable with hugs and pats on the back. Always make sure to ask before you hug them or pat them on a back. 

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