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A Soulmate for nothing

I love him. I think he is beautiful in a glorious an Angel. When he pops up in my dreams he doesnt have wings but he does have a halo and his love radiates through his skin and I feel like Im dead not to wake up ever again because it feels like heaven. 

He paints his nails, and the last time i saw them they were red. His fingers have played me pieces on the piano that loop in my head. All his melodies stick to the walls of my skull echoing around my brain. I see the notes in the air flow around us when he would let his hands take their own will on the keys. Those same hands have made me paper swans and drawn art that i refuse to look at now. 
 He didn't see his own beauty. I always would tell him the raw admiration from my heart like my own life was on the line, so he wouldn't drown underneath the weight of the chaos he was stuck in all the time.  I wish I could've rescued him. I wish I had that power to give us the happy ending we wanted way back when. 
It like an itch, missing him like this. Usually I give in but I'm not this time because he doesn't want my company. I showed him my love for him more than I have ever let myself expose to anyone else in my life. But maybe it was already too late. Or maybe he knew but didn't care. Either way I cant make him nor do I want to chase him. It is the definition of agonizing but that's life. Not all stories are happy and Ill probably cry over for the rest of my life. I hope he never reads this. And if i know him he doesn't care enough to find it much less look.
Thanks for reading this sad shit. </3

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