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Poetry....And ur mom

If only

By Bailey 

Ode to the girl who made me miserable
Who sunk my heart like an anchor, dragging against the rough sea floor.
To the girl who promised she was my friend, no, my bff.
If only she had kept those promises.

Ode to the girl who gossiped to others, about the one-and-only me.
I hope you know, your words hurt like pins and needles.
To the girl who thought I thought her problems were just a joke, and me the jester.

Ode to the girl who I thought was the cherry on the cake, but really the rotten core of an apple.
To the girl who made me smile. And I thought that smile was contagious, making you smile.
If only I knew your smiles were imitations of what you think of me.

Ode to the girl that helped me up when I was down, but only to push me once again.
To the girl that ripped me apart as easily as a simple piece of paper.
If only I had known. If only, I just had known! Oh, if only.

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aMOOZAiNG ehehehe
slay what You WhAna sLay

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sLaY wHaT yOu wAnNa sLaY aNd LeT tHE sLaYs fALL oUt, HoneSTLY, i WaNnA seE yOu sLaYyYYyyy

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