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I feel Like Im Drowning

I've been with plenty of people and have gone through many intense moments and heartbreak, but yet he is like a stain on my mind. He was my first love, my first kiss and my first partner at 16 (6 years ago) . I only knew him for 7 months and just the other day I broke down because everything reminded me of him. I'm not totally insane bc we reconnected many times over the years and dated last summer (2021) again. But he blocked me and shut me out over a month ago  because we were arguing and I have been taking it hard. I never have met anyone like him in my life. He is one of a kind down to his very soul. I'm in love now with my boyfriend and have been with him for years but even though I dont want my ex back I still find myself obsessed. He always comes back in my life. I dont believe u have only one soulmate in life but now that bond from 6 years ago is a problem. I hate it. I hate that it still makes my heart skip a beat when i hear him mentioned . Its like Im under a spell. He is spiritual so I wouldnt be suprised. I just wanna know if this is normal or even common. 

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