a dream i had (possible warning for knife violence)

  I had a dream where there was a store that only sold this one type of fruit that i had never heard of and they also sold like books and merch or something and i meant to pay but i stole the fruit and a book and then later i was sitting with these two little girls and i was reading the book and they were trying to see and i was like ok how about i sit in the middle of y'all and read it out loud and there was this one page and i was trying so hard but for some reason i could not read it and i kept messing up and i didn't know what the words were because they were in a weird font and my cousin comes by and im like hey this book is weird and i can't read it and i showed him some pages but  the pages were normal and he was like what these are just normal why can't you read them lol, and i was frantically flipping through the pages trying to find the page i couldn't read and they were all normal and then he walked away and i finally found the weird page and for some reason i was at school and i was trying to find the place where the buses were because it was time to go home but the school was a different school than the one's i've been to so i didn't know where to go and i walked through the library and the librarian saw that i was holding a book and she was like amazed that there was somebody using the library for it's intended purpose and she was like "this is such a rarity i should take a picture" and in my mind i was like hah i didn't get this book from the library i stole it from the fruit store you stupid librarian. Eventually I got to the bus stop and my brother and his friends were there and one of them stabbed me in the throat and in the chest so i was like what the heck and he was like lol get bullied. I went to the school nurse and she gave me a teddy bear that I held against my chest to stop the bleeding. For some reason the stab wound on my throat started healing up really fast. The bus was like three hours late and when i got home i had to get my mom to take me to the hospital, i can't remember anything that  happened after that 

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