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Sci-Fi, or how my taste in fiction was colored by a modern dystopia.

I. Fucking. Love. Star Trek.

Really, truly, I can not express how much this is a true statement. That said, I used to say I really. fucking. loved. almost all Sci-Fi. I remember watching BSG (2004) as it aired and being *enthralled*. Doctor Who was a staple in my life (I'm giving it another run right now). For the last 5 years or so, though, It's pretty much been Star Trek, Firefly, and then I avoided Sci-Fi. I'll take the MCU, or Fantasy movies, but I started avoiding Sci-Fi in general.

It's because it's either too real, or too ignorant. BSG is shitty, we're watching the human race succumb to disease already, I don't need more stories about the human race as a dwindling species holding on against hope and still ending up fighting Fascism for some fucking reason.

Doctor Who is just too idealistic. You've got the Doctor coming around and helping humanity through the worst of it nigh-eternally. Somehow though, he managed to forget to help us through, or avoid, Donald Trump. It always gives us the hope that there is a tomorrow. Sometimes, that hope is a lot bleaker than it should be, and it's hard to deal with that near-toxic positivity.

Then we have Star Trek. Star Trek gets gritty. Star Trek is willing to recognize, shine a light on, and directly address our problematic present that were the very forces that lead to the fully automated luxury gay space communism that we need to strive for in the world. That has to come in steps. Even Star Trek's Federation isn't truly communist. They're communist leaning socialism. They have, and work with, markets. The markets even use fiat currency (Gold Pressed Latinum). They tolerate a little bit of market and competition to have a society that *thrives* in general.

But even in that the series Picard they were willing to admit it's not all roses outside of Starfleet. We see the conditions the Romulans are in, and we see Raffi's self-described "hovel". Star Trek is the Sci-Fi that gives us hope that there is a tomorrow. It might not be a fantastic tomorrow, but it will be there. At the end of all of those tomorrows, there's always something bright to look for on an otherwise bleak horizon. 

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