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Nostalgic 2000s web games

Honestly I feel funny calling these “old” but, oh well. XD Many rambles ahead!

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For similar reasons that I’m on this site, I’ve been very into “rewritten” versions of games I used to play as a kid online. A rewritten game is pretty much just a reuploaded game of a previously shut down web game, such as Club Penguin for example.
These games will have their own private servers hosted by whoever wants to. The games will either be nostalgia-based and remain unchanged, or focus on adding new elements to the old experience. Not all of them have the word “rewritten” in their title though, and there can be many different versions of the same game running, all by different people or teams.

Some of these games I play are:
  • Moderneopets - A fan site focused on recreating the old feeling of Neopets, even though the original site is still running (its very different nowadays)
  • Club Penguin Legacy
  • Moshi Community (Moshi Monsters)
  • Soon to be, FreeRealms: Sunrise
  • Soon to be, Feral Heart: Unleashed
I also play Webkinz Classic now, I never got to experience it but that is still the same site running after all these years. It just had its 17th anniversary recently if I remember correctly?

I have loved being able to play these games again, I genuinely had no clue rewritten/private server games were available. I thought I’d never be able to play them again! I really wish there was a way to play Petpetpark and Littlest Pet Shop VIP/Online again though, I miss those games dearly. Flash being removed killed quite a handful of online games from back then, but some of them were shut down long before that.

Related, I feel like nowadays there isn’t enough variety for children to choose from when it comes to safe online games to play. For me, I’m playing these because I miss them and I’m nostalgic, but I feel spoiled in the sense that there were so many safely moderated online games to pick from when I was growing up. :( I don’t feel like there is much variety nowadays?

Anyway! That concludes my rambles ^.^ I just love nostalgia!
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lily ☆

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it seems kind of like webkinz is also a lil bit unsafe now too :/ last time i went on for nostalgias sake i remember seeing some sketchy ads

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dang really? i’m not sure if i miss the ads or something, at least on webkinz classic I don’t see any. :

by minmo; ; Report

Spit ♡

Spit ♡'s profile picture

yesss ,remember the pixie hollow game ? i'm not sure if its by the same creator .. its called "we the pixies" !

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Does anyone remember Barbie girls? The virtual world ? I miss it sm): 3

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lol i wwish i played more classic games like that monkey go happy wwas my favvorate (and still is) its super wweird but addicting

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I remember playing Webkinz with my sister when I was little! I had a plushie for it and she wanted to show me her favorite site she would play when she was little to sense at time she was in high school. It was super fun I may try to play it again later today with her!

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my fav was fantage as a kid, mostly bc i had membership lol. too bad they stole money from my parents for two years tho.

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i remember that game! they stole money though?? D: how’d that happen?

by minmo; ; Report

lol i convinced my parents to get me a six month membership but instead of it ending my membership it kept it going for two years until my parents found out and had to cancel in manually

by Sashenka; ; Report


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I used to be really into playing this game called adventure quest world it's what got me into mmorpgs

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I remember that game vaguely! I don’t think I got very into it though

by minmo; ; Report

idk if the website's still a thing or not but they have a mobile version of it now if ur interested :)!!

by Aquasys; ; Report


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i had no idea there was a rewritten neopets thank you sm for sharing

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youre totally welcome! I’ve been a part of Moderneopets for some time now and its a wonderful community + the game is still growing :3

by minmo; ; Report

rats i just missed the signup deadline ;-;

by nicky✰; ; Report

double comment but have you ever played marapets? i've been on for like forever and it's a nice alternative to neo. functional economy

by nicky✰; ; Report

super sorry!! you’re always free to sign up via patreon and get a code there (that is still an option last time i remembered), but i know thats kinda iffy since its a site u havent played yet. i’m a part of the art team for it though & have played since october last yr, i love the site personally but its up to you :P hope u can join someday when u can!!

by minmo; ; Report

I havent played marapets! :o I’m aware of it though, Im pretty new to virtual pet sites actually lol

by minmo; ; Report


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Robot Unicorn Attack was the shit

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HELL YEAH you get it

by minmo; ; Report

I REMEMBER THIS team inferno all the way

by Sashenka; ; Report


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Awgh, the thing you said about kids not having enough to choose from these days... 8( I've wondered about that, too. Poptropica seems to still be kicking it, and Webkinz as well... but other than that, I can't think of anything.

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Right? There used to be so many free ones available, even if some had membership aspects. Roblox exists I guess which is popular nowadays but I can’t think of any other ones for kids that are free. Webkinz and Poptropica isn’t very well known among younger kids, even if its available to them

by minmo; ; Report

LOLLL I was debating on mentioning Roblox! I didn't know if it counted as a web game though. >_

by ThatLionLoser; ; Report

Man... Spacehey really just deleted 97% of my comment, huh. :T I think it doesn't like the, uh, "greater than/less than" symbols being used as eyes. Well, here's basically what I said (again):

I hope Webkinz can resurge in popularity somehow. :[ I have to wonder if it just needs to be advertised more or something.
Poptropica...is admittedly not one I'm attached to, because to me, it was just another game I couldn't figure out how to play, and I had to play as a human to boot. My classmates seemed to like it a lot, though.

During Vinny's "Strange Rope Hero" streams, he used to make jokes about how they were going to be some kids' first exposure to games. It sucks to think that that might actually be true. :[

by ThatLionLoser; ; Report

Wow yeah, theres some truth to that.

Roblox I suppose counts as a web game but you don’t play it in browser, since you have to download a separate application. There’s plenty of kid friendly video games out there, but there was something nice about spending time on a variety of free games that were accessible directly on your browser.

by minmo; ; Report


misfit's profile picture

so much nostalgia

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its good for the heart n soul :]

by minmo; ; Report

could not agree more

by misfit; ; Report