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you guys know that show on disney channel a while back. and by a while back i mean like ten years ago. but the show was called dog with a blog and the premise was that ur average sitcom family gets a dog but!!!! oh no!!!! the dog can fucking talk!!!! and only the kids knew that their dog could talk and they had to hide it from their parents bc. the parents were gonna give the dog away to science if they found out that their dog could talk?? what?? 

but anyways for some reason the dog had a blog (omg he did it!!! he said the title name!!!) and i think at the end of each episode the dog would go to his little computer and type out a blog post like how twilight sparkle writes abt friendship in mlp. 

basically what i'm trying to say is that i feel like that silly little gamer dog every time i make a blog post even though i've only had this blog for like. a day. blogging is my hobby now what the fuck.

LOOK OUT WORLD!!! THERE'S A NEW DOG IN TOWN. and he is going to fuckind. BLOG.

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now that i'm thinking abt it this probably would've been better as a bulletin post ig but. I'm doing what my heart wants dammit!!!! and my heart wants to write about dog with a blog for some reason!!!!

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