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halo memories with the boyfriend

so i've never played halo up until i met my boyfriend. he introduced me to all of it and taught me how to play (which is pretty cool!) i think it's a neat game, and i love the characters, map and weapon designs.

today we decided to check out an old version of halo called halo custom edition! he took the time to handpick over a 100 maps and helped me set everything up and install it. we then checked out a couple of the custom maps, along with his favorite map in the game. it was a snowy area with a custom avatar, guns and loading animations. 

he talked a lot about his memories of the game, one being that he met someone who claimed to be part of the team from red vs blue. didn't remember what exactly that person did in relation to it, just that they said they were part of it. they also showed him a bunch of secrets in the map. one was a custom car model that was hidden, the other was a discreet little party area with linkin park - 26 lettaz in da alphabet playing.

other than that we checked out an aquarium map with a hidden anime girl and a car wash map with a dubious poster of a sexy woman heavily resembling britney spears. 

it was a lot of fun. hope to check out some more custom maps with him soon!

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