Update to the Porsche Dilemma.

ย Update! ย Just keeps getting better XD

So as of right now where we left off I was unable to register the porsche due to issues in NJ. After speaking with NJ Fraud they did confirm the vehicle is not stolen...THANK GOD. So I was given full ownership and the vehicles vin was fixed in the state of NJ to the correct year and they told me I could just go to my DMV and register the car. I do this they let me register it and I get plates on it. The town now leaves me alone and they stop bitching at me about the car...

Next issue... I get a bonus from work so I decide to have the car shipped from my house to a garage where I was told they work on Porsche's and that they will do a good job and I will have what I need fixed. I sent the car in for brake lines and I just wanted the engine looked over so they could check the timing belt and ect for me... They have the car a week and I call and ask for a update... He explains they cant get the car started... So I drive down there and buy a new battery for the car, put it in and the car starts right up... Im like ok so are the brake lines done.... No... Why not? ย We want to sort out your engine issues before we worry about the brake issues... its gonna be like 4000 dollars... I tell them no I wanted the brake lines done just do the brake lines... the car has 155k miles on it. Im not expecting it to last and I want to enjoy it while I can... I tell them fuck it ill send a tow truck ill bring the car home... he tells me to hold on they will do the brake lines and I can pick up the car tomorrow and drive it home... They call me the next morning and tell me the brake lines are done but not bled because they broke all the bleeders off my calipers and said they weren't at fault because they claimed old parts... at this part Im pissed... brake lines just cost me 450 and the tow to get the car back home was 250 so immediately im out 700 dollars and im no further then I was... I get another shop to fix the bleeders but in doing so they let me know something happened to my brake master cylinder and it will need to be fixed so I buy another one and am waiting to put it on the car.... Ive owned this car now 3 years and ive never driven it....ย 

Im dying, end my suffering, take me out xD

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