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99 Classic TV-series for People in a Hurry Book by Thomas Wengelewski

Wish you could put more than one category in your blog entry.

anyway, i had a fast reading today of a book called 99 Classic TV-series for People in a Hurry Book by Thomas Wengelewski

So basically, the book is written in some comical way, describing the most popular classic tv shows.
what i didn't really enjoy about the book is, how the author focused on only American/British shows, while not giving any care for the world wide tv shows, also, how with a sarcastic way, the author spoiled most of the shows.
here are some of the shows that got my interest:

1- Knight Rider (1982), a show about a talking car with the 80's theme, who wouldn't give it a try for the weekend night?

2- Third rock from the sun (1996), a friend recommended that show, before even reading the book, it feels somehow suitable to watch during the winter and fall seasons, reminds me of shows like married with children, full house, malcom in the middle and family shows like that, right?

3- Automan 1983, the 80's and all the dystopian and utopian tv shows and movies that are set in the future ( when future i mean 2010 or 2020 lol ), this one talks about "A police computer expert creates his alter ego." i mean, who can make such a show if it was not the 80's?

Actually, i have alot more on my watch list, but didn't want to make this long.

Why i'm doing this? last month i decided to dive into my mind, things that always got my interest and never gave them the chance because of routine, life and you know how you can get stuck sometimes, so i started with the first book i found on my book marks!.

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