my space, hey!

Just testing this thing out. I don't see a section for photo albums, which on one hand is sort of understandable because if this service provides that, the storage requirements will quickly become massive, but the lack of it, is going to likely be the Achilles heel of spacehey, people want to be able to share photos. that's a massive amount of what makes things like failbook and instacram popular. I do see an option to include an image. let's click it and see what happens! will it want a url of an image hosted on some other server? or will it let me upload it here? ah, it wants a URL. alright, I have one of them. hmm. seems big. might edit later.cover to issue 2

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James Mobius

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ah ok, it displays the whole thing. when I inserted the link it showed actual size, and I could only see half the image. this is my artwork. you can read my comic at

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