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No Minors!

I will not be accepting any friend requests from minors! 

If you're a minor and reading this, I want to remind you to be cautious of other internet inhabitants. An adult does not have any good reason to be communicating with a minor, it is not necessary. If an adult is enthusiastically communicating with you for an extended period of time that is weird. You might not realize how weird it is until you're also an adult, but trust me, that shit is weird. I know y'all are smart! Be safe! 

* Also, obviously some accounts do not have ages posted. If I accept a request and you are a minor seeing this, please un-add me. If I accidentally accept and can deduce that you are a minor through posts I will un-add you. I hope to not offend! I will not be adding back accounts that do not have ages posted.

Again, be safe everyone! 

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Danielle Willy

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I agree with you. I don't want any minors following me on here. If I don't see an age, I'm also going to deny it as well.

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mmm, that seems like a good rule to follow. I was going to use my best judgment, but there's really no point in doing so because my best judgment could still be wrong. Thank you!

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You're so welcome.

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