Friendship: Expectation VS Reality

ok. so we all have friends. or not. i mean, its cool to be lonely. I think. so i came up with some situations that are  Expectation VS Reality. 

so when we make a new friend the first thing you might think is that your going to be besties forever. but thats not the case. ok, not true. that could happen, all I'm saying is that you might drift apart through the years. people change, so to keep a friendship strong for a long time, you have to be able to go through different experiences you’ll face. If you don’t have a strong foundation in your friendship – one that’s built on respect, understanding boundaries – your friendship will inevitably dissolve. 
Ok, now this one is the most true for my friendships and that is the one about hanging out. when i hang with my friends, the expectation is that we will be like having dance partys and eating popcorn and have the room perfect. but when MY friends come over, its a different story. we usually just go on different screens and just not talk. 

ok, thats all for nowwww <3 

heres a link for more <3

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