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raod trip !

willy nerlson once said 'on that raod again, ijust cant wait to get in tha raod agan.

i hav not taken atrip sence teh bahamas but today i am going on raotrip with daniel. 

He is at hertz and abouut 2 pickmeup. i have praprered a mixtape of sum good pop music. .. the bealtels, the runnling stones, eletrik lite orchaeca, and Queen. I hope dan is redy to singi cause i am.

We r goin 2 texas. I am looing fwd 2 brekfass on t road. Cracker baerl, ihop (did u no tat they r ihob now), and wafel hous. 

Wen in texas we will be goin to see wear Lee Harvey Oswald put a bullet into JFK's brian.
sad day 4 many. Jfk was kiled @ 12:30, and legand says he was headeng 2 lunhc, so that means his final meal wus brekfass. wat a good man.

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