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Bullshit of an excuse for a "dress code"

My assistant principal came into my class today to make a few announcements. He told us some afterschool activities we could do, stuff that we should know about our school, the new vandilizing trend on tiktok, what happens if you get caught smoking on school grounds, etc etc. Well when we thought he was done talking, he looked at us and proceeded to go over the dress code. He said he saw some young ladies wearing clothes that were too revealing. Pants with holes above the knees, crop tops, tank tops, fishnets, shorts, and like tight clothing. I was getting a little annoyed at this point and he said, i shit you not, he said "The reason we have this dresscode is because YOUR generation and kids YOUR age have hormones that are out of control." This mans really thinks kids are just gonna fuck right infront of the teacher. People who attend this highschool already fuck everywhere they can, no matter what they are wearing. Also a teacher got arrested for Sexual Assault at my school so i think they said this to try to prevent STUDENTS from catching a teachers eye. What they really should do is teach people, not just guys and not just girls, SELF CONTROL. Do girls knees distract you? Does anyones shoulders or ankles distract you? If so you need fucking help. People arent just gonna cover up so others with no self control arent distracted. Like if you honestly believe that they should you should kindly fuck off. This is not fair for anyone, and even though they are enforcing this "dress code" on boys and girls, they are only gonna be strcit about it towards the girls. I hate american schools..

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idk id rather have that than the hipocrisy i had in my school, girls wearing tightest smallest dresses for picture days and tight revealing outfits every day is absolutely fine, but me (still female back then) wearing a big shirt and ass lenght shorts during a horrible heatwave (mom kinda forced me to wear them and i only had tiny shorts because i was an edgelord and only wore full lenght pants outside, shorts only at home) was somehow whorish

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