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Past memories

So yesterday was my old high school prom night and it had me think about a couple things. The first of which was my first prom, jr prom (if you understand that’s good) 2018 was the senior year I was 16 and I was going to another high schools prom (we had 4 high schools in my school district) understandably this prom honestly set the bar for me. I had a helluva group to be with, the music was honestly good and I even knew a little bit of dancing (I didn’t know so practice was the key) the night felt so long and good although I had it kinda ruined a bit by parents that kinda either knew nothing about being young or forgot they were young themselves but whatever. From there I planned my senior prom only to realize it wouldn’t happen….& that was honestly heartbreaking to me. From there Another thing that it lead me to think about was that I never enjoyed the after party of prom which I’m sure is obvious that it involved drinking and smoking and staying out and whatnot. But to me it hurts at times that i nor the 20’ and 21’ senior class did not experience their final year right but ofc for different reasons. It’s really an awful thing

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