accessibility in the work force

I have an interview literally today as I type this and I am so scared yet hopeful. Being a trans person is really hard in the work force especially all the legal aspects where you must use your legal name. But throw in my wheelchair and how inaccessible the world is, I have no chance. I either will need a job thats full of misgendering but lets me have my chair, or one that accepts me but so far none that would around here are okay with the chair. I know some places cant fit it, but that isnt my fault that is societies yet us disabled people have to pay the price in the end because others cant find the compassion to add a ramp or wider isles. I just get so scared that they will see the chair and not even interview me or that they will fake it or soemthing. I have anotehr interview coming up and I know that employer knows about my chair so I hope they arent just wasting my time. If you have any power where you are to make things a little bit more accessible (Wheelchair friendly, blind friendly, deaf friendly, and more!) then why not do it? Why do companies and even some people act like we are the burden and at fault for needing accommodations that could have been there since the beginning. 

Anyways rant over. 

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