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A stupid poem i wrote on the train

The only other person on this carraige is an old man with a grey patchy beard,

He is sitting in the furthest possible seat from me,
Every few minutes we make eye contact until i break it from fear,
I wonder what he thnks of me... should I care?

Worry fills my head,
It's a big night tonight everything needs to go well,
"is my suit ok?", "am I on time", "will i look stupid",
all the while the bumps of the rusty, rocky tracks gently rock me from side to side.

I look up in disinterest at the black leather handles hanging to the obnoxiously yellow poles,
They shake with each bump,
I accidently glance at the meaningless advertisments linling the buzzing white lights,
They annoy me,
Especially the ones about Jesus.

But as I pass a rocky beach,
Through my cloudy window I see the waves hitting the shore roughly,
The clouds seem to fade,
Leaving the sun to hit my eyes harshly,
And for a second all my worries go away as I forget the toubles haunting me.

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