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Its been a minute!

I am sorry for the long wait!! I think ill continue these as less formal, sort of like my diaries when I was a kid. 

The AP exam is around the corner. I'm so nervous!! I'm definitely not going to pass this. 
God, why am I such a damn disappointment??

Well, this is not my town, I do not care. A special ed teacher position in Pennsylvania closer to my favorite aunt and best friend awaits! 

I recently went to mystic, CT. The entire experience was average to low quality, at least for me.  
My aunt Lisa and aunt Sherry were here for the exact weekend we were away, so that just fucking sucked. I also found out some person I  thought I was friends with for years abandoned our friendship in favor of her partner of three months on this trip, so that was fun. Sometimes I feel like the universe wants to screw me over. 

is everyone this disposable and such in the end? 
is it wrong of me to want to  mean something to someone for a while? 
well I mean something to God, Cody and my cat Ozzy, so I guess that's all the matters. 
I sometimes wish I would dissolve into a puddle of acid. 

Well, to all a good night. I'm going to continue being a worthless little bitch. 

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