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Dreamcatcher first win!!!

My ultimate favorite kpop group finally received their first ever music show win after 5 years since their debut!!! It's so amazing that a girlgroup from a small company finally won while competing against big popular groups. Ever since their debut, their sole wish was to get a first win. This recent comeback, they didn't expect they'll win after too many disappointment, I'm so happy for them even though it took a long time to win. I love them so much and in every song they release, they keep getting better and they're not afraid to try different sounds and concepts. For me, they're the trendsetters of the current kpop gen's dark concept and rock genre.

Their recent song is called 'Maison', it's about saving the earth which is timely and suitable for the recent news going on. Please check out their music, I swear you won't be disappointed with their songs and performance!!

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