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Some kids at my school have been stealing stuff from the bathrooms. the only thing that's ben confirmed was stolen was a bunch of soap dispensers. but I've heard others say they also pulled a urinal off the wall and stole a paper towel dispenser too. this stuff is only happening in the boys bathrooms and it got so bad that now all the dudes have to use only one bathroom, one at a time, and have to check in and check out each time they use it.(you can imagen how long the lines are) but that still didn't stop them from stealing because I'm pretty sure someone stole another soap dispenser cause I guess they want to be suspended. 

when the teachers find out who is doing it they plan on getting law enforcements involved, and I'm pretty sure that they are going to at leased get suspended if not then expelled. and for some unknown reason the school reached out to parents telling them if they find possibly stolen items in there kids room that they need to report them to the school immediately. parents obviously aren't going to say anything cause they don't want there precious kid to get arrested and then probably expelled so I don't know why the school thought that was a good idea.

When the school brought it up they said they already had a list of suspects, and I'm kind of curious who was on that list lol. its been maybe around a week since they last talked about it(I think) and we have heard nothing. the dudes are still forced to use one bathroom. I think they are either planning on catching all the kids or are just going to wait for the trend to fully die before they stop punishing all the guys. 

alright that's all, thx for reading <3

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i swear, tiktok is absolute madness

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