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The new “MySpace” and my Wishes for its Future…

Alright alright! My first post on here, and it’s going to start with my opinions so far…

So- I was showed this site on Tiktok a few days back and decided to make an account! And- so far, I see some things I like, I have some opinions- and maybe ideas to evolve this farther than just a “MySpace 2007 clone” and maybe into something that could become something popular!

Now ofc when I say popular I don’t mean- POPULAR… I mean- something that could be considered the “modern” MySpace- qwq


Now. Let’s start with the things I like-

The “MySpace” layout.
The classic MySpace idea- the layout… the- favorites, adding, blogging. The whole thing! The customizable profile, the adding, everything of the sort! Where you can message, (even though… I want to get into this later,) and the whole- “main platform” feel!

It’s quite a homey place, kinda reminds me even of old youtube! A home, and not a competitive platform- it’s quite nice! But… you probably noticed, my lists of likes aren’t that… long… just yet…
The Thing I wish will come.
Here comes a literal essay!!! Wooo!!! 

The things I think should change,,, Maybe removing the whole 20 second delay from texting? I think it shouldn’t have a delay AT ALL. If there is spam and it’s irritating the person, the person can report! It makes texting friends very- irritating, as many others these days type fast! Maybe even doing what discord does- with the whole- after 5 messages in a short time it pauses you from sending messages- I think that would be awesome! And to add into it- adding voice chat, no video chat just yet- but voice chat would help bring this into a “central platform” for others to want to swap to besides- discord, Instagram even! Having voice chat in groups for others to jump in would make people like myself in highschool have a platform that we can access on the internet for during school lunches to call others! Some other things would be- to keep the whole- “2000’s theme” adding some small “goofy internet pets” tab for maybe creating your own and trading would be cool! (Lioden, Wolvden, Chickensmoothie as reference,) that would attract others to want to be logged in constantly, which would help people interact with others, and- I’m gonna be honest- being able to raise like a cat or dog- or something like that- that runs around on your profile when people click it would be AWESOME! And having the abilities to trade them to others, and making cosmetics- I think it would be cool! 

These are just- a snip-bit of ideas, as the days go on I bet more will come… but I would love to see the chat feature atleast added! The whole pet thing would bring loads of new people in that look for something like neopets or chicken smoothie- but I again just wish to try to help this community start taking traction! :]

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These are very cool ideas! :D I can just imagine some of these features being added!

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MONTY (>__<)

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ahhhhh these r such good ideas !!!! >__

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I really do hope some are added! It would be really cool! QwQ

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