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my partner just decided to end our relationship

Honestly, I don't know the right emotions that I should feel right now. I already feel that our relationship is about to end, one way or another. But I'm questioning my own emotions? I don't know whether I am sad, happy, angry, or relieved that finally I am single. Awhile ago, I was smiling because of the news but I don't know if it's a smile that I'm glad it happened? A smile that hides my sadness? Or a smile that I've already accepted that we were going to end anyway? Maybe, it's the latter. I think I'm relieved that we broke up, so that we can be on our own without thinking of anyone else that will be affected of our own decisions. 

It's not that we're in a toxic or abusive relationship, I think we were pretty cool. It's just that, we drifted apart I guess? I've grown emotionally detached too that I would rather prefer being alone, and they were quite busy in their own little world. Maybe this break up is the best for the both of us, we've tried our best to make this relationship last but everything has an ending.

I hope we will still remain friends in the right time. I am not holding any grudges or hatred to them even though we're breaking up. I still wish the best for them, I hope they can finally find the joy in their life, and overcome the obstacles they're experiencing right now :)

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amy <3

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if they were meant to be in your life they will come back in some way don't stress! <3

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