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my safe space<33

uhm hello there!

i made this account with the plans of making this as my safe space venting rant account or random stuff happening in my very boring and mundane life (*﹏*;) 

this is hidden away from the people who might know me or the people i know,, but i think they wouldn't care anyway even if they somehow see me rambling ┐( ˘_˘)┌ i also wanted to make friends here but i dont even know how to interact with ppl so i might just be alone ಥ_ಥ hopefully i can meet someone but if i meet no one, then it's okkkkk atleast i can rant freely without anyone's concern (●´⌓`●)

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Im here for a safe space as well, I would love to be friends if you wanted :)) I dont really know what to post yet!!

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I did the exact same thing made my account to feel safe talking about things randomly without caring if anyone saw or read them definitely love this platform

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ayooo we can totally be buds. ill send you a friend req

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omg thanks!!! that's so sweet ಥ‿ಥ

by Ala; ; Report

yeah dude of course. i love makin new friends on here, it's the shit

by simonide; ; Report

im new here, so technically you're the first friend i've made here

by Ala; ; Report

omg for real? i sent u a dm. u dont get notifs for them tho, which is unfortunate

by simonide; ; Report

yes fr!! i alr replied to your message tho

by Ala; ; Report

oh shit. see this is why we should get notifs for them because i didnt even realize

by simonide; ; Report

damn that sucks mine is working just fine

by Ala; ; Report