SpaceHey could be what the world really needs right now.

Why 'Space Karen' trended on Twitter, and what it has to do with Elon  Musk's COVID-19 antigen test results | KXAN Austin

I hope there's no legality if I mention MySpace, but it was trending on Twitter today. People were groaning about Elon Musk's desire for a hostile takeover of Twitter. That's how I analyzed what happened, so don't come after me Elon or your legion of zombie followers.Β 

"Tom from MySpace would never..."Β 

"I miss the MySpace-era."Β 

Yada, yada, yada!Β 

I noticed the decline of activeness of my friends on SpaceHey. I'm guilty of this, too. What if we leaned into nostalgia and utilize this platform a little more. Even people who are to young to even remember MySpace, could enjoy this platform. Like the founder of this site stated, it's a personal project for him. It may not be MySpace per se, but it sure does feel like it. Escape the burning inferno of contemporary society and think of SpaceHey as an interactive time capsule. Have some fun, kiddos! xoxoΒ 

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Time Life Magazines

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I'm fairly new to Spacehey, but had a Myspace back in the day. Didn't know how good we had it till it was gone. This format, in my opinion, strikes a nice balance between being able to represent yourself online and retaining some personal space.

Hope it stays alive

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I absolutely loved MySpace. Looking back, it was my favorite social media platform. I’m glad we have SpaceHey. I wish there was an app for it. This is a personal project of someone, & he’s doing a lot as it is. I hope we have it for a long times.

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Aerie Ariel

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I agree!

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honestly ur so real for this XD

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The Musk Minions are so annoying. Twitter is a complete $h*t show since he took over. I’m going to stay here for as long as possible. ✨

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thank you and i agree sm !!! this site is so relaxing and chill!! i hope we can keep it this way while getting more users here !

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I'm taking SpaceHey for granted. I want to appreciate it while we still have it.

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