The tale of Hoover’s children

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I called his tail the tale of Hoover’s children

I never knew this when I was reading about Jager Hoover but when I found out that he had a secret orphanage in his Federal Bureau of investigation bunch of children who were groomed to be FBI agents both girls and boys before his death he ended up offering the children to the next Director of the FBI to have them live in the basement of the FBI building the Jager Hoover building where they lived and played an age where they stayed for most of their young lives and also her school in the basement. I want to the FBI building in Washington DC just to see it for myself the grand jury and everything but did not expect to see a bunch of children in the basement wearing suits and ties and dresses as if they were miniature Asians they were just trying to fit in with society but they were out casted by society and we’re only allowed to play and eat and whatever survive in the basement until they became agents of the FBI this was a horrible story I saw one girl name Laura was a girl who was crazy and said she was part of the Russian KGB. Something I did not think of until I read about her story in a psychiatry journal that she had a rare form of schizophrenia that was from traumatic events. And I wouldn’t think that being in a dingy dark basement even though in a comfortable conditions dingy dark basement would be a horrible place for any child and would cause psychosis. The next day I want back to the day Edgar Hoover building. To see if the children were always there but I want to the basement there is not even one bed not even one morsel of pizza there is just nothing it was as if it was a horrible dream that I saw. What happened to Laura I’ll never know. Laura was the girl who was supposed to be the next day Edgar Hoover but turned out to of disappeared along with the other children nobody knows for certain what happened to the FBI children.

But then I can say I have seen them for sure Jager Hoover is the secret orphanage.

The end 

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