The tale of the abandoned

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I called his tail the tail of the abandoned

There is a girl who is 12 years old who always loved her parents they loved her as well but one day they left her at the side of the road for dad to starve. When she finally succumb to the elements and being a band and she was Mummified and decomposing one of the social workers came and found her. Said that her ghost came back in the form of her decomposing mummified body.

One social worker was scared the emergency and Mama fried woman young woman who was supposed to be loved by her parents she couldn’t speak the ghost that was but was able to relive and point to the direction of our former home. There she disappeared and her body laid in a ragdoll like format. Where are they decided to take the body to the morgue to see if it was going to be a murder victim or just of all girl who was stuck in the elements with the Mojave desert they found out there was a disturbing thing or things towards her body.

The coroner is fine and you found that the girl was not loved at all physically at least she was starved beaten and even as much as scratch there was stuff there was there were injuries of and past injuries of abuse.  The coroner said that the girl was brainwashed into thinking that she was loved by her biological parents but really after being beaten half the desk he was laid on the side of the road to be dead. The abandon girl haunted that stretch of highway in the whole Mojave desert still where is she still replayed her last moments alive in the elements and as a murder victim.

It is sad that she still goes around that stretch of highway where she was abandoned the abandon that she is called the patron senior abandoned children were still haunting the Mojave desert in Arizona as if nothing more to happen either she never died she continue reliving everything. Soon her mama find ghost as well as body gave way to a time and she was finally at rest. When her parents were put on death row for her murder. It is said that ghosts either want justice or they want to expose some thing that has happened to them again seeking justice.

The end

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